Air Purifier Concept – The future of our planet – Clean air in cities – The future of a greener planet

Having clean air should be mandatory in all countries. It would take a leap step into a greener planet.

You might ask yourself. What creates death on earth? It is not CO2 it’s all other types of particles. Imagine just cleaning the air in most polluting cities. And how to prevent that thick air of death from spreading around the globe. And be a part of the way it renders death to plants and forests. Maybe by purifying the air? You might just help the planet into a new era.

As we try to energize all people about it, maybe you will understand that it’s about having clean air that means a lot to many. In China big cities have thick smog of pollution and there, people are forced into bad air conditions. People living with huge amounts of pollution often have a higher death rate. And lung cancer is one of the biggest problems due to particles in the lungs that never get out.

There are a few concepts based on what to produce and what to use. But an air purifier should at most gather all pollution in a container. Such way filters are less used. When you can purify at the lowest costs. This would be popular in major cities. Sometimes these purifiers can become big. They can be as specific as huge. But important is the cost of collecting the pollution and then reprocessing the waste in such a way it is not disposed of somewhere else or deposited into some peculiar place.

So what is the future, when the people in it are not killed? And such a way is healthy enough as perhaps in a city with pollution. In a such way that they can work on a project like this. Do you live in Africa perhaps? Don’t worry, it could still be your dream initiative to work for the government and still build this in your own country. In such a way, you are the governmental specialist on this case. And surely going green and even recycling all garbage is a better way to go rather than doing nothing. And surely there is a big income from it as well. Especially by though of recycling everything. People will buy less. But that’s important as well.

Are you an investor? Why not invest 50% of your own pocket in rightful projects of certain loss and that way create a green planet with your investment? In 20 years you will become famous enough. God will thank you, and you might as well even have better Karma to win back the losses. Some investments aren’t bad, especially recycling factories that deal with recycling and resale of garbage are huge investment opportunities. Even in many countries around the globe, even still Africa, some would not have money to invest. But they can still ask their government to be paid for a job arranging this business in their country. There are still 10,000 recycling factories not built around the globe, or even more?

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