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Follow up on our Utopian dream, become a supporter of 10$ to our future.

You will be given the possibility to hold yourself into the main stream of DieSoftly and will be congratulated with any deposit. You are able to buy any amount of support from this site.

We will enlarge our sight towards the future. And we will be looking for investment into the company Psycholatic. Which truly your investment will be counted as at least 98% of the income goes straight to the shell of the company to build the future. And even turn Sahara into a dream of dreams with big gardens. We are the future, we continue into the future.

All money is counted and set into a special account which only can be used for real means. You will be paying the company Psycholatic in any important investment. That is truly a company of a label for music release but we (I mean I) will be working for future investment. And this is truly an opportunity in the future.

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