Bird Saver – For the Windmills – Unique Idea & Investment

Why would you want to kill birds?
Why would you want nature to die?
Why do we invest in Ponzi windmills?
So take out the investment and start investing into something strangely new.

You have to ask your partners to provide a grid-like perhaps the whole article is about; you see the first picture of a grid around a windmill.

Yes, that’s special. We have genuinely created this idea by ourselves, and we did draw its image by ourselves.











Nevertheless, wouldn’t you want this to come to your fields? Wouldn’t you want something that can lower the result of income by about 10% still the grid will save 99% of all birds, especially sea eagles?

And many others. This truly is a good idea. And we plan to tell a little about it.

Everyone is gifted, and some don’t open their package. Maybe God meant all things on this planet to happen?

Yes, honestly, we will bring our idea forward. And indeed, it’s a good idea to ask all your governmental people to do such, to invest in creating the grid.

Nevertheless, we are a part of a significant movement, and we will go viral one day.

To bring you all the ideas the world didn’t want to have, but secondly, it’s the future we manage to work on this together all, unity and what would the future set for us?

So how much will this windmill cost? When it’s with this grid? You have to put a square grid around the mill and not allow birds to dive into the windmill; you could even paint the dead windmill red.

Then most likely, a bird isn’t a bull. So here, you have rights to graffiti. At least it would take a long time to do such.

But at least how much will it save the nature of this grid? Well, around 99% of all birds? When one sea eagle is worth 100 million $ having them in the heart.

All life is sacred. We must see this since we’ve learned this from Buddhism. And indeed, there are multiple ways to understand that all life is holily sacred, even when speaking of a tiny fly.

You didn’t even know that taking the life of a fly is like taking away something that might never return. At least a fly’s brain is pretty much more solid than many people on this planet.

But with our solution to the grid, if you compress the wind, it will create 20% more income with a grid protector and grid helper. So let’s say you make small parts in the grid and compress the air onto the mill, and you indeed will be saving the birds and even getting more income for life?

You have to work for the future, and only that way will you earn the seed of life if you indeed have some things to offer.

And only then are you able to see the earth turn into a green world where we stop searching for unlimited money and end with creating solutions that are worth it.

So why not support us? Our cause is to invest in sending information or even fulfilling the investment of these grids.

And indeed, the globe would end up using this method. In this way, there is only one way. And your investment will be counted and made accountable to us.

Author: be2c4

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