Sahara – The Golded Sand

There are so many things possible to garnish from Sahara by tomorrow in the future. If we already think about not polluting the earth. Imagine planting trees in Sahara…

To garnish good vegetables as a way for farming on the sand. You would feed the mouth of all people in the world just by having some of the acres available for ecological agriculture.

Today, an idea is to use very long tubes across the land from either Marokko or Egypt, somewhere between Sahara.

With a machine that would clean out salt from the water by using the Mediterranean sea.

With these heat times, even at the Northern shore in Africa, The ocean would be clean water by just drying the water on a big field, then harvesting the good salt from the sea.

Still, we genuinely want to talk about a machine that earns energy on vapor by reversed waterfall technique.

A machine gathers the vapor of the water and creates an upstream energy gathering machine, which would produce energy for many countries.

Did you know that steam is probably a good thing for income but became forgotten as a great idea?

And near the sea in hot countries, a higher income will come if we think more about the green energy we can produce.

Indeed, seawater steam will increase revenue and be the green type of procedure that does not cause income.

You will, though, have to build the energy gathering machine or its idea?

But already put on the field, it would collect distilled water and energy by upstream steam.

Thus this would be the most cost-effective based on how to clean the water, and the steam would be just distilled water that could travel along with big tubes that could easily set the course for a new empire or a different future.

We write this opportunity now because it could be as ego if not told to anyone? Or are we just losing our minds on this project?

Indeed, many people have already thought about agriculture in the desert, but hey, why not save the rainforest and say, the forest “we can’t cut it no more.”

There would be rather like paying back to Brazil not to miss the trees to have some sort 25% of the income of the whole project in the future not to cut the trees, but the land would be reserved for Brazil.

Though it is said, it would be a good idea. But most don’t know about what can become settled; no one will if none can’t do it.

So you know already that this is a great project to run. Run for a significant part of the future. Imagine having the latest technology in agriculture. Imagine having a supply of water.

Imagine the life that would flourish, Imagine a million acres of land that would be green. Imagine the more oxygen would go to a better CO2 reduction? On the entire planet, would it be a dream?

That we still produce too much CO2 and terrible toxic waste. Imagine the birds and animals that would ask for a share of the plants.

Imagine the wildlife we would import. Imagine our children’s sorrow by seeing something like this a dream come true? Imagine all the possibilities of this rather than the problems?










Not only is that bee preservation will make the future better, but all that we don’t see is underneath in the sea.

Yes, and there is the future; either they are farming or doing other things of interest on the sea as seafaring.

But for sake, never go over to ecological farming; will it kill the sea?

More likely, the fish yield has been hugely significant because the ocean has a tremendously important part of an ecosystem that we humans have enlarged by up to 1000% these last years.

Even in some places, there are many rich plants in the sea. That also increases the richness of life.

But Nitrogen used in the fields goes back to sea. And that creates more extensive lots of fish in specific places on this planet than ever before.

Did you know that bees die of the suffocation of mixtures to the pesticides used? Somehow always rely on one type of pesticide or not anyone at all.

That indeed can keep preservation. Did you know farmers don’t grow things that need pollination from bees?

I didn’t know that well, but bees die from pesticides, especially the mixture since we talked. So why not always try not to use pesticides?

I know you’ll earn the same. You get 5% of your crop eaten by insects that threaten distinction. But you will pay to double up the number of pesticides.

Let something die to take the rest for you. Everything will be good the day it’s harmony. And you wouldn’t know that this site itself has so much happiness to give.

The use of nutrition is different for the soil, making fish in a larger quantity. Still, we can’t stop YARA!

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As this article has achieved more we found out that using aqueducts throughout the Sahara we might be able to make the vapor of the seawater work well with the ground of the Sahara. But the biggest problem is sand filling the Aqueduct again.



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