Lava Power Plant – The Unique Idea Right Here – Evolve Green Energy

It’s easy thinking but hard to make? Well, not these times, there is harder to inform people to do this. And indeed, it’s nearly like any nuclear power plant around.

We don’t drain Uranium out of its power; we use water to get warmed enough up to boil and create things like electricity. It might be around just another particle like Uranium that would generate electricity by its electrons everywhere.

But that is like a fusion reactor, but a reactor that gets electrons out of a particular molecule that itself produces energy.

So perhaps there isn’t much to know, but there is this possibility that we could mine into the ground after lava, that could warm up some water.

Perhaps it was never thought about, but today this was way more possible in Iceland, the northern land in the middle of the lava eruptions because of the tectonic plates.

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So what is the take today? We need to see all options for green energy. Did you know that the waves on the sea?

They can create very much more power than windmills. So we’ve spoken about this earlier, but this is a better catch, and we want you to bring the information forward.

The lava often is in the crust of about 1km below. It’s possible to dig anywhere on this planet; we’ve dug earlier for up to 20km down.

And if we put a lava warming solution in that ground, we will gain energy out of the turbines from water going down and going up.

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