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CO2 Storage – New Opportunity – New Products – Replace Plastics – Investment

New opportunity on the horizon, that means all CO2 storage would benefit us much more than any other business. Imagine having CO2 to change into C and O2 means we get two new particles of Oxygen and we get C which is carbon. That carbon is beneficial to use rather than plastic towards 3D printing […]

Humane Slaughter of Animals – Dominion Part 2. – Saving the Pain of them all

How would it be if you watched the most important video in your life? And you saw on television how it should have been done in the first moment? And that the most important part was actually the bed that creates so unique feel for us humans when we sleep? It’s now about to put […]

Scrapyard – The Ultimate Buy and Give & Recycle

Why not register for a site where you are collecting the garbage that others throw. At least shortly when they achieve getting on the scrapyard to empty their sack? To include a sign that everyone wants to win over? To earn from recycling is the easiest turnaround of money for most of these times. Simplicity, […]